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The Raven Group
Company Overview
The Raven Group, Inc. is a strategic business management company that helps individuals reach their desired potential through customized training, business consulting, organizational development, motivational presentations and executive coaching. As a privately held company located in South Florida, Raven has been working with large and small businesses throughout the United States since 1998. 

The Raven management team is dedicated to offering strategic solutions that help clients achieve both personal and professional success. Servicing a wide variety of companies, Raven offers a tailor-made solution based on achieving specific, measurable goals. By incorporating their clients' language, slogans and mission statement or credo, Raven completes each assignment reflecting their clients' specific organizational objectives.

Whether a company needs a training class on a particular subject or business management expertise on a specialized need, Raven offers a customized solution with quick turnaround from the first meeting to project delivery.

Customized Training
Raven started in the Human Resource business 1998 by offering Customized Training programs designed and developed to the specific performance goals outlined by each client. Sessions are not duplicated and; instead, re-created for every customer to assure individuality and an exact fit for each business or industry. Although the company has taught thousands of individuals on topics like Conflict Resolution, Presentation Skills, Performance Management, still to this day, each class is intended to match specific learning objectives outlined by client companies.  Other popular subjects range from Team Building and Sales Training to Coaching, Call Center Training, and Mentoring.
Executive Coaching
Raven began offering Executive Coaching soon after the company opened and has developed a unique clientele over the years.  Working with a select group of high-level executives the coaching process helps individuals with Leadership Challenges, Strategic Planning, Interpersonal and Communication Styles and Presentation Skills.  Often using a variety of Management Skill Assessments including 360 Analysis, DiSC© Success Strategy Tools, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument© or Raven Leadership Awareness©, Raven executives utilize one-on-one meetings and group interaction to enhance their clients' professional effectiveness and on-the job performance. 

Business Consulting
Within the Business Consulting division, Raven assists companies grow and expand through projects like Employee Orientation and Recognition Programs, Strategic Planning, SWOT Analysis, and Establishing Standard Operating Procedures. Raven Executives have also become an integral member of many businesses assisting with Strategic Planning, Change Management and Cultural Transitions. Whether serving as a Meeting Facilitator, Workshop Leader or Implementation Project Manager, Raven is quick to adapt to client needs in helping them further develop or reinvent their business.